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I’ve finally taken a huge sigh after this past week and let it all go – the midterms, the election, the sudden change in the weather from unseasonably nice to Oregon drizzle, all coming one on top of the other in rapid succession. This final week of October/first week of November has been pretty intense, with things building on each other, sudden changes throwing me for a loop, and a cat who thinks her place is on top of my new keyboard not helping matters any.

And what a harvest we have wrought this autumn! The seeds of hope have grown into a crop of change and new beginnings. Let’s see if we can keep those hopes alive and flourishing through the darkness of winter. Let us keep our hopes tempered by reality, so that the first days of this presidency are not overburdened by trying to accomplish the impossible in an instant. Let us nurture our own lives, our own hearts as we take these steps together.

The joy of the election results notwithstanding, my body says “enough.” It is time to begin slowing down, to prepare myself for descent into the winter darkness and the renewal of my spirit during that time of introspection and regeneration. In keeping with that theme, I was delighted to be the recipient of Dancing Goddess Dolls’ Samhain contest – I won a lovely Kore with a Phoenix design in rich, autumn colors. What a great way to begin my descent – with Kore! How fitting. To see my little beauty, go to Kelli’s site and scroll about halfway down this page. She is the 6″ Kore with the profile phoenix (the upper of the two smaller photos).

So it’s off to get a massage (I think – maybe chiropractic, but not sure) and a ritual shower to wash the residue from my spirit.

Then back to Italian (naturalmente!).

Ciao for now.


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