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The Seer

I meet up every other week with a writing partner and we choose a word at random as our topic for the evening’s spontaneous exercise.  This week we chose “seer” and my thoughts struck a chord with my writing partner, who asked that I share it with you.  The image at the bottom is The Seer, from the Wildwood Tarot, art by Will Worthington.


The Wildwood Tarot uses a seer for their High Priestess card, so this is a word I am immediately drawn to.  The seer – the one who sees that which is unseen by others – is an image I quite like.  In some ways, everyone is a seer, as we all see things in our own ways.  But a true seer is one who not only sees the unseen, she shares what she sees with others.  Maybe what she sees is mystical in nature; that is certainly how many people understand this word.  But I think that more often than not a seer is one who sees that which is right in front of us but that we don’t want to see or we have been conditioned not to see.  A seer is an activist in that way: she removes the blinders and presents a truth that once seen can be denied but never unseen.  And once seen, it demands action.  A seer is a catalyst, sparking a chemical change in the other to create movement and growth.

The Seer



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