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This lovely photo of the McKenzie River bounded by snowing trees was taken in January, 2008 by my talented husband. We took the dog up to Sahalie Falls to romp in the snow and to let Mitch take some photos of the falls in the snow and on the way back down the mountain we pulled off onto a road that crosses the river and leads to an electric station maintenance compound (more than a “shack” but less that a full station). The road had only been snow-plowed up to the compound and beyond it was snow to a depth of about 4 feet. Too deep to take Tucker in – I’d have lost him in the snow!

Some of you know that going to Sahalie in the winter is one of my favorite things to do. A bright sunny day, anywhere from two to four feet of snow on the ground, and that gorgeous waterfall surrounded by icicles and snow covered trees has got to be one of the greatest gift winter could give me.

Now I just need to get me some grippers for my shoes (I’m kind of tired of slipping and falling on my keister each year).


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Well, three more days of actual classes and five exams and Fall 2008 session is over. Then three weeks of deep housecleaning, catching up on sleep, some short family visits and on to Spring 2009. Wow – how is it possible that we are already looking at 2009? I must have slipped through some wormhole or something because it simply doesn’t seem like we could be that far along in the year.

The good news is that the Winter Solstice is only 20 days away – that makes me very happy. Just a shade less than three more weeks of shortening days, then we start to get a little more daytime each day (I’d say sunlight, but hey, I live in Oregon, so…). Yippee! Anything that makes life a little brighter is a good thing. Although I have to say that this fall has been absolutely stunning. Unseasonably warm, more sunlight than usual, and truly spectacular days. We were even into the low 70’s as late as mid-October, which is almost unheard of here.

The hardest part about the Oregon winters is the damp cold and the lack of sunlight. It may not rain every day, but you can go 7-10 days without seeing any real sunlight, just diffuse light coming through the overcast skies. And damp cold that bites into my joints (I know, I’m trying very hard not to think about the long term ramifications of that statement). Even my little dog gets seasonal affective disorder. But, thanks to my brilliant mother, we have a couple of full-spectrum lights that we run when we are home and the skies are grey. The cat doesn’t seem to care much, I’ve noticed. Well, she doesn’t care much as long as there is canned food in the bowl at the proscribed time and she can supplement her diet with a little “ala carte” now and then.

All of this is my way of saying “Welcome” to the holiday season. We don’t do presents much any more, just stocking stuffers for the girls and magazine subscriptions for the boys (different sets of kids). Mitch asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and since he can’t give me a renewed planet all by himself, he’s going to settle for taking me to see “Singin’ in the Rain” at the movies this coming Weds night. I love old musicals and this one is a particular favorite. Having never seen it on the big screen, this will be a treat. And him being willing to sit through it with me will be extra special. I’ll have to control myself and not sing along with it.

Enough procrastinating! Devo studiare per l’esame finale d’italiano domani.


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